Your Music Channel for unique Instrumental Rock & Metal. Original Compositions, Video Game & Anime Arrangements "Mel. Instr. Rock / Metal Arr."-PLAYLIST: One of the best melodic instrumental rock arrangements that I ever heard... "Mega Man Rock / Metal Arrangements"-PLAYLIST: Feel free to check out my instrumental rock and metal music channel with ALOT more great tracks like this one here. :) (Playlist links below) Artists: Sixto Sounds, Steppo, Zircon Song: The Passing of the Blue Crown Game: Mega Man 3 Original Song: Title Theme Tabs (Lead Guitar): (*Thanks to Angello Rodriguez*) ✚More epic tracks from this artist✚ ♬M.I.R./M.A.#7: ♬M.I.R./M.A.#21: ♬M.I.R./M.A.#33 (Ballad): ♬MegaMan 9 - Dr. Wily: ✚You[Rock] Music Channel Playlists✚ ♬ Mel. Instr. Rock/Metal Arr.: ♬ Guitar Arrangements: ♬ Mega Man Rock/Metal Arrange: ♬ Game Rock / Metal OST: ♬ Dragonball Rock/Metal OST: ♬ Anime Rock / Metal OST: ♬ Anime Rock / Metal Arrange: ♬ Various Genres Of Instr. Rock/Metal: #GuiltyGearRockYou #MelodicGuitar #InstrumentalRock #YouRock #InstrumentalMetal #MelodicInstrumentalRock #MelodicInstrumentalMetal #MelodicGuitarRock #MelodicGuitarMetal

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