Minecraft NOOB vs. PRO: HELICOPTER in Minecraft! AVM SHORTS Animation The Noob built a small helicopter in minecraft. The Pro built a Largest helicopter. Who has won? Whose plane is better? Noob vs Pro helicopter battle in minecraft. Minecraft animation vs. real life or minecraft in real life? You decide! Watch a video about noob in minecraft and pro in minecraft! Real life vs minecraft? What is cooler? Write in the comments! Minecraft Sub Noob vs. Pro? My video looks like this, so you should like it! This is the funny minecraft video ! Noob versus pro in minecraft! Minecraft vs real life and how build secret base in minecraft - it's a minecraft secret! #Minecraft #noobvspro #noob #pro #NoobVsPro #minecraftAnimation #irl #realistic #NoobVs #inreallife #MinecraftRealLife #MonsterSchool #animation

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