When a surfer like Matt "Wilko" Wilkinson is given the opportunity to create his own signature boardshort things are bound to get strange...and a little out there. The Mirage Cassette is a direct reflection of Wilko's individual style and personality. It switches it up by juxtaposing a band of black polka dots across a brightly coloured body. The Cassette stands alone in was designed on location through a flurry of cocktails on the cliff at Uluwatu, Bali. The designers knocked 'em back with Wilko and then set out to create a boardshort that would give him points in both fashion and function - but more importantly reflects the loose lifestyle he lives. The short cut 19" leg and the unmistakable "dog logo" from his personal blog Out2Brunch.com featured on the inner side of the fabric and it ticks all the boxes. Features: Mid-Fit Engineered Sublimation Print Multi Placement Prints Music by: Twisterbait Track: Cannonball Source: Getty Images

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