Don't copy and re-upload my video!! Please give me credit if you want to use my audio πŸ™ 【Before comment, please read the title and description carefully.】 "HOW WOULD" is a kind of video about personal opinions with imagine some group sing other singer or group's song. This video wasn't real BTS cover, I just changed the pitch of the original music. My distribute standard was "this part who should (maybe) sing", NOT "any ship", NOT always "this part's voice sounds like who". Because you know ... the voice couldn't exactly the same. Anyway, these line distributions were just my opinions. * JUST FOR FUN / DON'T MIND / TAKE IT EASY * Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching !! ❀ - All Rights Reserved to SM Entertainment. I DON'T own anything from this video. No copyright infringement intended.

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