135,000 Mining 48,750 Magic 1,500 Crafting Here I 'interrupt' the mining cycle via clicks on the dead-spot, opening geodes and cutting gems. I avoided using the golem mining outfit because I don't understand the extent of its effects on exp rate. It is possible to 6 tick alch, rather than 8 tick, but that would require actual effort. The 21|01|19 patch removed one adamantite rock at the south-east Varrock mining site, simplifying optimal mining, but also introducing a buggy nuance wherein rockertunities took longer to spawn on average. It was found this increase could be counteracted by 'interrupting' the mining cycle at least once after each rockertunity. In theory, bringing strength potions and opening geodes is worth doing; having 100+ strength saves ~12 seconds of mining every hour and geodes saves ~8 seconds of crafting. In reality, the additional effort and exponentially increased chance of missing ticks far outweighs any benefit.