1. O Hercules, thou Elohim, I AM a child of Love, Come and seal my being By might from heaven above. Refrain: Like a bolt of lightning blue, Power of God flashing through, Take dominion o’er me now, To thy Light and Love I bow. Purify and guard my being By thine eye of grace all-seeing, Clothe me in thy power real, Fill me now with holy zeal. I AM come to do God’s Will, Give me grace now to fulfill All the plan of heaven’s Son With thy Light I AM now one. 2. Hercules, thy splendid shining Shatter failure and opining, Ope the way in Love divining, Seal each one in crystal lining. 3. O Hercules, for strength I call Give me Victory over all; Let God triumph over me, Raise thy scepter, set me free. 4.O Hercules, beloved one, Crown me with thy blazing sun; Set thy hand upon my brow, Raise me to Perfection now. decree and audio courtesy of the Summit Lighthouse. www.tsl.org

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