Kelsea Ballerini - Dibs (Official Video) Check out the latest updates at! Amazon: Apple Music: Spotify: TIDAL: YouTube Music: Pandora: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #KelseaBallerini #Dibs #Vevo #Country #OfficialMusicVideo Lyrics: I know everybody wants you, that ain’t no secret | Hey baby what’s your status, and tell me are you tryin’ to keep it? | Well they can all back off, ‘cause I know what I want |And while I got your attention, did I mention? // If you got a kiss on your lips that you’re lookin’ for somebody to take (Hey!) | If you got a heart that ain’t afraid to love, ain’t afraid to break (Hey!) | If you got a Friday night free and a shotgun seat Well I’m just sayin’ I ain’t got nowhere to be | So baby I’ll take whatever it is you got to give | Yeah, I’m callin’ dibs On your lips, on your kiss, On your time | Boy I’m callin’ dibs On your hand, on your heart, All mine // Make everybody jealous, when I take you off the market | Get my lipstick on your right cheek, ‘cause boy I gotta mark it, ooh | So they can all back off, ‘cause I know what I want | And while I got ya listenin’, c’mon and show me what I’m missin’, yeah