Hey #TheatreThursdayFam! It's me, Katherine Steele, with another acting advice video (lol what else is new?) CHECK OUT THESE PLAYLISTS FOR MORE INFORMATION Acting Advice https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQT9aHBtN_y8GZBgldiqRMFM6tjrCL9XQ Professionalism in the Entertainment Industry https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQT9aHBtN_y87nzRM9-2ZwecuoQL_XiwT A lot of you guys have been tweeting, commenting, and DMing me about my top tips on starting an acting career. So, I made this video! Yay! Starting an acting career (especially if you want to get cast on screen-- like in movies, tv shows, student films, web series, etc.) can seem super scary and unattainable. The best way to get those jobs? Bulk up your resume! In today's video, I'll tell you guys all of my best tips on becoming an actor--no experience or agent necessary! This video is perfect for someone who is brand new to acting as a career or someone who might be interested in becoming a professional actor. And remember, you're never too *anything* to become an actor! (**By that, I mean, even if you're not a 20 year old, think, blonde, buff, Los Angeles model, you can still definitely become a professional actor!) Break a leg! and don't forget to hit subscribe! Thumbs up if you liked it! Subscribe-Never miss a video! (And join the #TheatreThursdayFam!) NEW video every THURSDAY plus surprise uploads! ♡FOLLOW ME!♡ Twitter: @Kath_Steele https://twitter.com/kath_steele Instagram: @Kath_Steele http://instagram.com/kath_steele

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