hi everyones!!! so im currently in a hard place as always with college stuff college looking & creating music so im not gonna post often, and if i do it should prolly be a cover or some new music. (also sorry for the weird hiccup and the attempt to sing some runs although done poorly) i want to stray away from youtube music and want to become a recording artist and want to share my music and all, and i really hope you can support me through this and be there for me. i want to share my soul with you all & i hope u are willing to support me—-this is tough but as college comes around im just trying to release some stuff in hopefully around april or may and i hope you guys can be there for me throughot this rough journey. thank you so much. much love. u can find me being more active on my instagram @shanthemusickid soundcloud- shan dae shandaeinquiries@gmail.com where I will be a lot more active & get updates on new original music :)